Ch. Raisin'L Fortune Cookie ML


Raisin'L Fortune Cookie ML

DOB: 11/9/99 SEX: Female COLOR: Blk/Tan

Ch. Stoney's Starfire of Albion

Minikin Danbridge of Nikobar

Sylvan Dante (Irish Import)

Ch. Minikin Bridget of Nikobar

Ch. Stoney's Credenzia ML

Ch. Willo-Mar Federal Silks ML (Reflection son)

Stoney's Shatzie

Ch. Raisin'L Christmas Belle ML Belle ML

Tanska's Pale Delight CGC (English Import)

Eng. Ch. Maundown Milky Way

Tanska's Dairy Cream, (1 CC, many reserves)

Ch. Raisin'L Indescreet

Ch. Taunuswald J.P. Morgan ML (GROUP WINNER)

Ch. Raisin'L Believe In Me

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