V.I.P. Dog and Cat Day Care

Your Very Important Pet will find their needs met here at It's Reigning Cats & Dogs, Inc. Our staff has certificates of proficiency (American Boarding Kennel Association) and attends seminars and conferences to maintain and upgrade their education and skills. We have over 60 years combined experience in animal care.

We specialize in helping owners give their dogs the individualized care and attention they need and deserve. We have private playrooms or playpens for those guests needing special care. We are trained in caring for the post - operative pet, giving medications (including for diabetics, epileptics, and heart patients) and catering to the needs of the elderly pet. Our care is limited to non-contagious health problems. A letter of reference from our former veteranarian Dr. Rupert, of Lancaster, CA is available here.

Keeping our playgroups small - 4-5 at a maximum - helps you pet feel special. Indoors we have a "doggie living room" complete with beds, pillows, and a futon couch for lounging. "Cookies" are given as snacks, special diets will be given if provided. Dogs select from a toychest with an assortment of toys and chews, or owners may bring their own toys. During inclement weather we have a sheltered porch area available for potty breaks.

Two outside play areas are fenced with 6 foot chain link. Each has a double gate as an extra safety precaution for your pet. Pea gravel is used to provide a sanitary base that is easily cleaned and sanitized. Pets stay cleaner, also.

We treat your pet like royalty.

Your dog receives the same care and attention as our champion show dogs.

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