All breed grooming

We are proud to have as our groomer-manager Mary Pyle, Certified Master Groomer and Companion Animal Hygenist (all phases). Mary is a multiple grooming contest winner.

Mary winning 3rd Place in Other & Mixed Breeds with a Longhaired Dachshund at the Groom & Kennel Expo

Her specialties are:Mary has more than 28 years experience in all breed grooming and she continues to update and hone her skills by attending seminars, conferences, and grooming competitions. Grooming is done by appointment.

Irva McDougald, Certified Sporting Dog Groomer and Companion Animal Hygenist (all phases) is also the owner. In 1999 Irva entered and won her first grooming contest sponsored by the WWPSA. She is now completing her training as a Companion Animal Massage Therapist

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