Ch. Raisin'L Leading Lady


Ch. Raisin'L Leading Lady

DOB: 7/10/98 SEX:Female COLOR:Blk/Tan

Ch. Raisin'L Critic's Choice

Ch. Val Vista Suntar CD CG

Ch. Bayard Le Corsaire

Ch. Von Dyck's Midnight Sun (sister to BIS Ch. Bojangles)

Mex. Ch. Misty Pooh Der Bear (major pointed)

Ch. Jandelo's Keedox Gypsy Baron

Choo Choo's Miss Petunia

Feoirlinn De Riguer (English Import)

Voryn's Gershwin (3 Res. CC's)

Eng. Ch. Voryn's Cafe Noir (brother to Cafe Au Lait)

Braaehaus Casablanca (Canadian)

Saffina Gold Blend with Feoirlinn (1CC, 6 Res.CCs)

Eng. Ch.Voryn's Cafe Au Lait'86 &'87 Jackdaw Trophy Winner - (Top winning Dachshund, all coats, all sizes in Great Britain)

Feoirlinn Shiralee of Hampdach

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