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About Dachshunds

Half a dog tall, two dogs long. Playful, loving, protective, bold to the point of rashness. The ultimate big dog in a small package. If you've had a dachshund before, there is no other breed. But they are not the breed for everyone. Mischievious, stubborn, occasionally destructive (our opinion, not his) dachshunds are not the dog for everyone.

About Us

We work with Dachshund Club of America, Region II Rescue (Southern California). Our basic area of coverage for Southern California runs from Santa Barbara to San Diego. In Utah, we work with the area surrounding Salt Lake City. We have been involved with Dachshunds for over 20 years. Our volunteer work with rescue is our way of returning the love they have given to us.

About Rescue Dachshunds

Rescue Dachshunds tend to be between 2 to 9 years old, with the majority between 4 to 7 years old. All must be spayed or neutered as a condition of rescue. The dachshunds come from various situations. Most are still with their owners. Reasons for owner placements range from death of owner, divorces, new babies, moving, to new white carpeting. Others are referred by volunteers from various humane societies and/or animal control. Many are happy, healthy companions who need and deserve a second chance. Some have been abused/neglected and special care is taken in their placement.

We do on occasion have "breeder placements" - these are retired show or breeding stock that want to be placed in a loving private home. They also MUST be spayed or neutered, they may not be sold, but can require that you pay spay/neuter costs. They are only accepted for listing when we have few or no rescue Dachshunds waiting for homes. Rescue always comes first.

How Does Our Rescue Work

We are primarily a referral service. We rarely, emergency only, take possession of rescue dachshunds. As far as possible, we work from a list of people waiting to give a home to one of the foundlings. When we receive a call from a dachshund needing a new home, we check our list for compatible matches and place calls to prospective new owners.

We act as a dating service connecting dachshunds with good homes. You deal directly with the current owner. We do not have the resources for home checks so we depend on and encourage the current owners to only place their dogs in homes which they feel are sutiable. The owner has the final say in the placement of their dachshund.

What Does It Cost

We donate our time and phone calls so there is no charge, per say, for adopting a dachshund from a private owner. People placing their dogs may not charge for them, but may request that you pay for spay/neuter expences. Dachshunds adopted directly from shelters, pay their normal adoption fees.

We welcome donations of time or money (Antelope Valley Dachshund Club Rescue) but do not require any. We maintain a revolving fund for emergency vet bills, or bail out fees. These expenses are reimbursed to the fund by the adopting family. Foster homes are always appreciated for emergency dogs that must be rescued immediately.

What Do I Do Next?

We try to keep a waiting list of between 10 - 20 people. The more open you are to what you are looking for, the more dogs will fit your description. But, if you feel strongly about something in particular, Tell us what is important to you We like to talk to you in person so please contact us directly at

(801) 487-1005 Mary or Irva in Utah

or (909)391-4784 Marci. on Southern California

For Dachshund Rescues in other Parts of the country DCA National Rescue

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