Raisin'L Keep On Truckin' ML


Raisin'L Keep On Truckin' ML


America's Ch.'99, Am. Mex. Ch. Tanska's Talk of the Town CGC (English import)

Eng. Ch. Maundowne Magnum at Ralines

Eng. Ch. Kizzar Kavalcade

(Top sire '94 & '95)

Eng. Ch. Maundowne Mirage

Eng. Ch. Tanska's Kreole Lady

'92 Jackdaw Trophy Winner - (Top winning Dachshund, all coats, all sizes in Great Britain)

Eng. Ch. Tanska's Kid Kreole

(Top Sire in '92)

Tanska's Creme De La Creme

Raisin'L Yours Truly MS "Trudy"

Group Winning Ch. Taunuswald J.P.Morgan ML

Ch. Sleepytime's Elation ML

Taunuswald La Raymonda ML

Daisy Waisy

Pooh Bear Spencer

Silver Pinto

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